Pest Control

Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodents, commonly known as rats or mice are among the most widespread & disruptive pests. From homes to factories & offices, they can be found even in the best kept premises as long as it provides them food & shelter. Apart from damage to material and furniture, rodents cause food-contamination, diseases and an irreparable damage to your professional and personal reputation.

We utilize the principles of Integrated Pest Management to control rats. We carry out a systematic study of rats to ensure effective rodent control. Also, our Pest Control personnel are trained through audio-visual medium, formal classroom sessions and practical on-site training. Furthermore, we ensure the latest and the most effective technology is used for rodent control.

Method of Treatment:

  • Thorough Search for Harborages.
  • Combination of Bait & Traps
  • Sealing of Entry Point.
  • Destroying of Burrows.
  • Environmentally-friendly measures.
  • Inside the building if using a trap or bait device will be used only non-poisonous glue traps or defined non-toxic physical methods.

Simple of Operation:

  • No more gas traps or poison
  • Safe and effective
  • 100% water proof
  • Made in Taiwan

SONIC MOLECHASER is an ultrasonic sound machine for control of rodent.

Pest Control

Mosquito & Flies Control

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes cause irritation to humans and livestock and promote the spread of diseases. Their biting (piercing and sucking feeding action of the female) is an ever annoyance to humans. Typically mosquitoes will be attracted to warmth, dampness or moisture and an elevated level of carbon dioxide in the air. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, for this reason alone Quick Knock recommend you to avoid standing water.

Mode of Action:

  • Source reduction
  • Larviciding
  • Adulticiding

Flies Control

Flies are a major cause of disease suffering and economic hardship around. Flies have been a major nuisance to humans and animals for thousands of years. Many transmit disease causing organisms and are linked directly to typhoid, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, pinworms, roundworms, whipworms, hookworms and tapeworms. Most flies have filthy habits that make them efficient disease transmitters. Disease causing organisms are picked up by flies from garbage, sewage, rotting debris, dead animal carcasses, animal excrement, etc and are directly transmitted to us by way of their mouthparts or through their vomit or feces to our food, our food preparation surfaces, our sanitary items and to almost anything that we contact.

Mode of Treatment:

  • Spraying Treatment
  • Fogging Treatment