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Cockroaches Control

Cockroaches Control

QUICK KNOCK offers the most advanced gel treatment for cockroaches. This treatment is safe, quick, effective and stress free. You don't need to empty the cabinets and drawers and you don't even need to leave the house after the treatment. Our trained staff will apply this gel at sensitive areas such as electrical control boxes, computers, cabinet - corners and kitchen appliances. The gel has no smell. We also do an odorless spray treatment to control red ants.

How to Gel Control

Gel has an edible product especially attractive to cockroaches. Gel has cascading effect. Once some cockroaches have eaten the gel they also contaminate other cockroaches thus producing cascading effect throughout the population of cockroaches. This leads to quick eradication. About 95% of cockroaches die in about one week. The remaining cockroaches are effectively controlled by two weeks. It takes about 1hour to treat a flat of about 1500 Sq FT.

Are Cockroaches Dangerous & What Can You Do for Prevention?

Cockroaches are one of the world's filthiest insects. It carries countless harmful germs and microorganisms that spread many diseases. Not only that, it causes major problems by spoiling

  • Papers
  • Documents and
  • Clothes

So, you are nowhere near to be safe when there are cockroaches crawling in your home and office. And for prevention there has to be a strict measure from your end or hire a professional cockroach treatment service.

How Do You Get Rid of Cockroaches in Dhaka Bangladesh

Although it sounds like strenuous work, exterminating cockroaches is very much possible work. It requires your understanding of its depth of importance. You can try some of the home treatment by yourself for the initial stage by keeping everything clean and destroying cockroaches eggs.

In particular you can use boric acid which is very helpful for treating cockroach problems. But keep in mind you have to be always aware of the chemicals as these might have side effects.

But if things get out of hand then certainly you have to consult a professional pest control expert who has high expertise on cockroach control service.

Pest Control

Termite Control

Termite Control

The termite is an insect that silently destroys a variety of home items. It is destroying a lot of money day by day. Which is invisible to the normal sight. Because of their ability to hide and develop in your home without leaving any visible traces, termites are sometimes referred to as ‘silent destroyers.’ So, if you're looking for a way to get rid of those insects in Bangladesh, Quick Knock Pest Control Service is here to help.

In Termite Control; All parts of Dhaka including Gulshan Banani, and around Dhaka and the whole of Bangladesh., we have been providing termite control services to residents. We are a certified company with a team of skilled technicians that have complete training programs approved by the government's legal authority. We can provide you the ‘satisfaction’ of knowing that your family is safe from these dangerous pests.

Method of Treatment

Wall floor joint treatment: To stop and prevent the movement of termites from the ground, holes are drilled using the machine from outside (if possible inside) of your premises at the junction of the wall and the floor at an angle of 45 degrees. The holes are drilled of the entire inner wall at a diameter of 12 mm (1/2” approx) to a depth of 125mm (5 Inches approx) to an intervals of approximately 300mm (12 inches Approx). Anti Termite insecticide Dursban 20 EC a.i chlorpyrifos will be mixed with water @1:19 Spray solution is then poured into these holes to soak the masonry. In your premises, the partition walls are also treated.

Cabinet, Panel etc: To stop and prevent the movement of termites from the ground, Anti Termite insecticide a.i. chlorpyrifos will be mixed with water @ 1:19. Spray solution is poured into the suspect able location soak the masonry.

Treatment of doors, windows, etc: Insecticide (chlorpyrifos) with long residual action will be used. Anti termite insecticide mixed with water at the recommended dosage will be applied to the termite susceptible locations.

Treatment of the wall spots: Anti termite insecticide will be injected to the infested spots on the wall, Five hundred ml of spray solution will be used per spot.

Treatment of the electrical system: Wads of cloth soaked with anti-termite insecticide will be placed into the electrical conduits to block the movement of termites through the electrical conduit network.

Barrier Treatment (External):

Toxic chemical barrier is created outside the foundation wall. Trenches of the ‘shovel width’ are dug, exposing the external surfaces of the foundation wall up to a depth of 3’. Anti-termite insecticide Dursban 20 EC a.i. Chlorpyrifos will be mixed with water at the ration of 1:19. The concentration of a.i. of the final solution will be 1%. 2.5 liters of dilute solution will be applied per RFT along with three layers around the building and re-fill the trenches by sand (Please note that sand will be provided by the client).

Name of Pesticide:

  • Dursban 20 EC, Active ingredient Chlorpyrifos.
  • Trade Mark of Daw Elanco, USA.
  • Agent: Auto Equipment Ltd.

Reason of Using Dursban 20 EC:

  • Dursban retains full electiveness for over 20 Years.
  • Dursban is used all over the world and is a proven termiticide.
  • Dursban does not leach through the soil because of its strong adsorption to soil.
  • Dursban while being highly toxic to termites has an established record of safety with humans and pets.